Marie Galvin Fine Millinery



What the Fashion Editors have to say about Marie Galvin fine Millinery

"So thank the god of hats and hair for Marie Galvin"

"Her Hats are meticulously crafted and highly creative".                                                                                                   
 Boston Globe,  Tina Cassidy, The                                   

"Though her techniques are traditional her designs are decidedly not".

Kate Bowers, WWD Accessories

"Marie Galvin's designs have a freshness and diversity that can make any woman become a hat lover.  Each hat is beautifully sculpted and the collection overall is chic and playful."
Mary Gehlhar, Gen Art, NYC

"Boston Designer Marie Galvin is making Boston more beautiful with her whimsical couture headpieces".

Lauren Viera, Lucky magazine

"A GALVIN-ized Hat is my must have item of the season".                                                                                        
Improper Bostonian





February 2010  
The Hatty Awards

We are honored to receive The Hatty Award for excellence in millinery for 2009.

November 5, 2009  
Boston Globe

Galvin was chosen as one of Boston Globes most stylish Bostonians.


Fall/Winter 2009  
Boston Wedding Magazine



October  2008

Our fabulous fascinators were featured in a fall 2008 story.   Please click on the link below for the feature and images.


November 2007  
Boston Magazine   



October 2007     FASHION BOSTON



July 2007    VEGAS


August 26th, 2007    Boston Globe Magazine


The fall fashion issue of the Boston Globe Magazine featured GALVIN-ized Headwear feather headband as a must have item for fall.

May 25, 2007
    Daily Candy

We were thrilled to be featured in Daily Candy.

January 7, 2007   Boston Globe Magazine


June, 2006    The Devil Wears Prada

GALVIN-ized Headwear hats were featured in the movie The Devil Wears Prada.

November 12, 2006    Boston Globe Magazine

October, 2006    Florida International


October 17, 2006    Boston Globe Sidekick


April 23, 2006    Boston Globe Magazine


November 2005    Boston Magazine

Galvin is featured as one of Boston's most stylish and dynamic Bostonians.

January 2005     WWD Thursday 6th



February 2005     VIP Guide Miami



January 2005    Fisher Island, Florida



November 2004    Tampa Bay Illustrated, Florida



Fall 2004     Tampa Bay Dupont Registry, Florida



September 14 - 27, 2004     Stuff @night, Boston




July 7 -20 2004     The Improper Bostonian




May 2004     Smooth, National



March 31 - April, 2004     STUFF @night, Boston




March 16 - 29, 2004     STUFF @night,Boston



February 4 - 17, 2004   The Improper Bostonian




January 21 - February 3, 2004      Improper Bostonian



January 2004 
   Sportswear International




Fall/Winter   2003    Sportswear International




December 2003      Boston Magazine




December 17th - January 6th       Improper Bostonian



Fall 2003    Artists Interiors, National.

Author Laurie Dickson's book titled
"Artists Interiors" offers a rare and unique glimpse into the wonderful homes created by artists from around the globe.   Seven of Fort Point Channel’s Artists Studios including GALVIN-ized Headwear Studio are featured in her soon to be released book.    The Author will be in Boston Friday October 17th for a book signing during “Fort Point Channel’s Open Studios”.




October  2003    WWD Accessories ( The Ultimate Shopping Guide ) National.




October  2003       Stuff@night, Boston.




September  2003       Boston Magazine




September  2003       Where, Boston.


April  2003      Lucky Magazine, national.



June 25-July 8  2003       Improper Bostonian



July 10th - July 23rd  2003       Stuff @night, Boston.



Summer 2003     Elegant Wedding




Summer 2003        Polished


January 22-February 4  2003       Improper Bostonian




Fall 2002          Sportswear International



November 27th - December 2002     The Improper Bostonian



November 18th - December 2nd 2002      Stuff@night, Boston


October 17th  2002     The Boston Globe  (Living/Arts)  



October  2nd - 15th,  2002      Improper Bostonian


  October 22,  2002    Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA



October 15th, 2002      WCVB-TV Channel 5's Chronicle 

Chronicle,  featured GALVIN–ized  Headwear as a featured designer on a "Fashion in Boston" segment.

Spring 2002     Savvy




February 2002     Toronto Sun 
(Alicia Keys wears GALVIN-ized Hats on tour)




November 2001      Good Morning America

Six GALVIN-ized Hats are featured in a fashion segment with Diane Sawyer on the Good Morning America show. Images will be added later.



December 2001      Improper Bostonian (Cover shot)


October/November/December 2001     The Hat Magazine



November 2001      (Claire Daines in a GALVIN-ized red and white stripped hat)


August-September, 2001     Irish America



April 25 - May 8 2001      The Improper Bostonian



October  2000     Platinum, National.



August  2000     Platinum



March  2000     Improper Bostonian



October     Boston Globe Magazine


October  2000      FOX 25 News

Naamua Delaney, Fox 25 News Lifestyles reporter, featured GALVIN-ized Headwear on the nightly news segment.   We had a great response from viewers.   


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